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Alan Matthews Owner and Director of Auto Passion started his enthusiasm for Classic Cars back when he was 15 (over 45 years ago). His first car being a Renault 110 in a matter of a couple of years Alan then purchased a Mid-Engine Renault 5 where his passion for classic cars really kicked off. Spending days/weeks/months and years maintaining and restoring these classic cars in his garage, the business venture really kicked off when Alan first started advertising these cars he had built up in Classic Car magazines where the interest was real.

Alan had a keen interest for Rallying and found himself competing at some of the highest levels in the 70’s and 80’s. The thing Alan loved about it most other than the adrenaline rushes, the dirt, the high speeds and the competition was that he was his own mechanic alongside with his friend David who is a mechanic at Auto Passion today! Alan bought cars, prepped them for rallying and maintained them from start to finish. Alan still has the same passion for rallying today that he did back then, which is where a part of his business is equipped for today.

Alan spent years locating and prepping classic cars for sale and to keep for his own collection. Alan then bought his own workshop/garage in the 90’s where he could start his own business known back then as Euro Car which was based in Lulworth, Dorset in the UK. Alan wanted to stay away from the Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s at the supercars of the time and work with Classical Cars. Why was this? The reasoning for Alan was that he knew of loads of people and businesses who were already doing this and wanted to create something that was his own, unique and get into a niche market that nobody at the time had really exploited.

Moving on to where Auto Passion is today, Alan closed Euro Tech in Lulworth and moved back to work from his own home. Alan then stumbled across a barn for sale that was in a secluded location in Higher Bockhampton, Dorset. This was an ideal location and size for Alan to build the foundations of what is now known today as Auto Passion. Alan first purchased the barn in 2000 and built up a secure workshop where he could continue his love for restoring and maintaining Classical Cars. Alan opened the doors for business of the newly named Auto Passion in 2002 where he was met with a flurry of interest and enquiries. Alan found himself working on multiple Classic Cars from the get go and if he wasn’t working on cars he was off head hunting cars for clients.

Over the years Auto Passion has grown in ways that Alan never expected. Alan is still based in Higher Bockhampton, Dorset. Alan now has multiple businesses running from that location which include Auto Express and Store-It. Auto Passion works on all types of cars and can prep nearly any car for any type of event within reason. Not only working on Classical Cars his team now work on modern day cars and Supercars of today. Alan and his team can not only work on these cars and maintain them for you, himself and his team can go out with a budget and purchase a car whether you are inside or outside the UK. To see the range of services that Auto Passion can offer for prepping cars for events please see the Motor Sport Packages section. Alan and his team have over 40 years’ experience in nearly every sector of the car and motoring world.

With Alan being based in the location that he is, Auto Passion can also host events and car meet ups for car enthusiasts and Classic Car clubs. Alan also has workshops and showrooms that people at these events can then go and look around and see what Auto Passion is up to.

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